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Need a new Camcorder

  • I’ve been using a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD201 for some time now and while I really like it - I’ve given it to my sister. So I find myself in need of a new camcorder. Would prefer to stick with the same basic set up as I really like the mini-DVD R/RW format as something new might require different software & another learning curve. However I’m having a hard time locating a proper replacement.


    My applications:

    Besides video normal duty (Family & Travel etc) I also like to use it in Automotive applications with an in car mount for road racing and the like. However because many of my cars are topless or I have the windows down – wind buffeting gets to be an annoying issue. I therefore run an external microphone located at various locations in the vehicle that is shielded from the wind noise. This also allows me to place the mic in locations to better acquire the engine & exhaust node.


    One of the features my old Handycam employed a Mic jack and would like my next camera to have a similar feature.


    Price I’m looking for is between $300-$500.


    Any recommendations?




  • Hello Bret and welcome to the Crutchfield forums!

    I checked out stock of available camcorder models and currently we do not offer a single DVD based model with a mic input. However, if you are willing to try a different format, we do have a great Canon model to offer. The Canon FS11 is a outstanding model and very user-friendly. The only difference is this model using built-in memory which seems to be the growing trend. Since this model is also made by Canon, you will find most feature work very similarly. There will be different software included but it too is wonderfully easy to use. As long as you don't mind burning your own DVDs from your computer, you will be thrilled with this model....and for the quality, the price isn't bad either.

    Anyone aware of a current mini DVD based model with a microphone input?