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AMP/Sub ?

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AMP/Sub ?

  • Hi every one. I have a couple quick question, I have a  Kenwood KAC-8103D Amp. It is rated at 300 RMS @ 4ohms and 500 RMS @2ohms 1000 Peak. I had it hooked up to a single 12" Sony Xplod sub that is 350 RMS and runs 4 ohms 1200 Peak, because I have an SUV I really had no need for two subs in the car because everything is wide open and it gets so loud. Well after having it set up with a single for about two weeks I decided to see how it would handle both Sony's to my surprise there was no distortion or clipping, I ran it for about 4 hours straight at a fairly high level to find out if the amp would get hot but it never even got warmer then it did with the singly sub hooked which was almost cold to the touch. Well my question is how bad is this for the Amp if I continue the run it at normal levels like this? because I have actually enjoyed having both subs hooked up. oh and another question I have is I ordered a 2 Farad Capacitor to hook up because I'm running the Kenwood Mono Amp and A 4 Channel Alpine I figured 2 Farad may be a little bit much but for the price I got it at I had to get it. That and I figured if ever want to upgrade my system any higher that Cap would work fine, Was this a wise choice or will the capacitor be two much and i run into problems with it.

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  • I sortof skimmed through that, but assuming you wired both subs in parallel, than they are at 2-ohms load, the amp is putting out 500W RMS, and each sub is getting 250W.  No problem with that at all, except the single sub would be hitting louder at 300W than at 250, but I suspect having two of them makes up the difference.

    AFAIK, having a very large capacitor will not hurt anything as long as you properly charge it prior to installation (and are careful installing it.)

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  • I agree. your amp at 2 ohm is fine and a large cap does more good than harm.
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