I got all this stuff, not sure if its right....

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I got all this stuff, not sure if its right....

  • Already in my car is a Pioneer head unit.


    I just got a great deal on two MTX Thunder 4500's in a box, and got a Kicker ZX300.1 amp.


    Now I am wondering if that will all work together? And what kind of wire do i need?

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  • It will work fine, the subs will have 150 watts RMS each, wired as the diagram below. The amp will see a 2 ohm load.

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  • cool, i wasn't too sure about it, I thought maybe the amp wouldn't be able to handle it. But thanks

  • or should i just hook up the one sub?

  • Aren't there 2 - 4 ohm subs in the box ? Wired together like the diagram, they present a 2 ohm load to the amp. The amp outputs 300 watts RMS @ 2 ohms. Those subs handle around 300 watts RMS each. You will have some headroom with your amp gain, but they should do great, especially 40-100 hz.


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  • Almost forgot. You need a 4 gauge amp wiring kit.


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  • Yes, they are in a box. But its two separte boxes, I got them in a sledge hammer box. I was just wondering go with the 1 or both? Probably the two, I was just wondering about it.


    I really appreciate your help with sorting this out for me. But if Im not mistaken, isn't the Kicker ZX 300.1 supposed to take 8 gauge wire? I was reading up on it, and on Kicker's site it says 8Gauge.

    Also, once I pick up the 8gauge wiring kit, do i still have to buy wiring for my subwoofers to hook them up together as in the diagram?  What gauge is that?



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  • Yep. 8 gauge kit is fine.

    If you bought the box with the subs installed, they should already be wired together inside correctly.


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  • You need to know what subs you have.  I'm pretty sure MTX makes Thunder 4500's in both single voice coil (SVC) and dual voice coil (DVC) 4-ohm models.

    Doesn't make a tremendous difference, but SVC-4-ohm would be about ideal and DVC-4-ohm would get about 50-60% of rated power.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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