Rca versus line level input

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Rca versus line level input

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Factory HU line input vs rca

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix (base, no monsoon)

So I've done enough car audio over the years and forum reading that RCA IS ALWAYS BEST!

Equipment is GM factory HU

Replaced factory 6x9s with kicker 6x9s freeair 4ohm (very fat magnets intended use midbass)

PSL Phillips Sound Labs A75watt amp

Kickers and amp are known (rca good anyway) used in my previous car.

Currently hooked up using speaker line inputs (first time) to amp using Crutchfield speaker wire adapter. All soldered connections tested zero ohm with multimeter.

My issue is I am extremely disappointed with the bass output compared to my previous car (granted it used aftermarket HU/rca). They kinda sounded like 10" subs but with factory HU it is pretty sad.

Again yes i know rca would be best but can I get around this issue using a line out converter?

Or other suggestions are welcome!

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  • LOC's cause distortion. No getting around it. Why not use RCA ?

    GLH Geeked

  • Factory HU doesn't have rca or I would.  

  • You need to find your headunit max clean volume, then set your gains correctly. Also know, you will always have distortion because of the LOC. You need a new Pioneer headunit. Not expensive, easy to install.

    GLH Geeked

  • Would love new HU....not in the budget

  • $60 at wallyworld.

    freeair 6x9's are not gonna sound like 10" subs. My single 10" sealed blurs all my mirrors and pounds my back.

    GLH Geeked

  • @GLH well what something sounds like is subjective to each individual. Point is I was very happy how the kickers sounded in my old buick.

    But it looks like i will be getting a new amp, I've now wired it both ways and (been so long since last used) I forgot this used PSL amp I bought, someone has like soldered or locked in the gain control, so its no longer adjustable.

    :( kickers distort, hum and pop...time to shoot this amp, put it out to pasture.

    I decided to try a Sony HU from 2003 I just had lying around collecting dust and now I might as well replace the HU too...Bench Testing it worked just fine, installed is a different story. My goal was to play my spotify using the BUS input (with no amp or rear speakers and just running the factory fronts and wiring) 3.5mm headphone jack Y split to RCA bus input (and crap I wasted money on the Sony PAC unilink adapter to make all this work)....but just this HU playing the fronts using spotify, I get alternator whine.

    Of course no whine playing CDs or FM radio.

    can i have some money?

    I have now spent too much money and time trying to get this dinosaur HU to work as desired...KMN

    looking at a blaupunkt amp and a Pioneer bluetooth HU from CF.