Amplifier draw too much for electrical system?

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Amplifier draw too much for electrical system?

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Hey long time, haven't posted anything in a while. I was pretty satisfied with my system for about a year...then i got an itch to upgrade lol.

Ok situation is headlight dim, power window slow to roll up, all inside lights dim to the beat of music. haha its driving me nuts!

The Car has a tiny 80amp Alternator, I recently bought a HO 145amp alternator but it only put out 46amps at idle!?? It was worse than my stock 80amp agh. I returned it and fortunately they took it back.

Okay, the RF 4 channel has a big 80amp fuse, and it is only 50x4 rms, its kinda weak. And the JL mono-block amp has a 50amp fuse draw. It is higher than my alternator is that causing my problems?

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  • Apparently.

    GLH Geeked

  • Will a better battery help? Also this setup came out of a friends 00 mustang and it was louder in his car?!