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How do you connect 4 truck speakers to four channel amp. I also already have 2 channel amp for subs connected. My head unit only has 2 rca input but ran a splitter so I have 2 rca going to my sub amp and 4 going to my four channel amp. I tried before but it does not sound right or loud enough as it should. I ran speaker wires from 4 channel amp to back of head unit.

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  • You cannot use the RCA outputs for both subs and full range amps. Use the speaker wire outputs from the headunit to the 4 channel amp then to the 4 speakers. Go into the headunit settings and set the RCA output to SUB and adjust lowpass crossover. Adjust highpass crossover for the full range speakers. Set the crossovers on both amps to passthru, off, etc. Use the headunit crossovers. A good starting point for lowpass is 80 hz. 100 or higher for highpass.

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  • I replied correctly to your inquiry in the other thread you started.

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