Finding an Amp for 4 speakers

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Finding an Amp for 4 speakers

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 Finding an Amp for these speakers (see link)  s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1484649905&sr=1-1&keywords=kicker+car+audio+6X9+450watt+speakers

My question is, these speakers require a minimum of 150 watts RMS power to operate.The speakers are max rated for 450 watts peak RMS. Each speaker is 4 ohms.  For 4 speakers I would need a  600 watt RMS 4 channel  class A/B amplifier to push150 watts RMS into each speaker. Right?  Let's say I wanted  to push 225 watts each into each speaker. That's roughly  the half way point for RMS  power for each speaker.  The problem I'm having is finding an amp that will push 225 watts into each speaker. If I did the math right I would need a 4 channel class  A/B 1000 watt (maybe a 1200 watt)  RMS amp.  I 'm having trouble finding any Class A/B amps that push this much power for 4 speakers at 4 ohms each.

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  • Those speakers handle UP TO 150 watts RMS each. Forget PEAK or MAX anything. They will work very well with only 50 watts RMS to each.

    GLH Geeked

  • Hello everyone and mods.
    Doing my research for car amplifiers. Can anyone help a beginner out?
    I want to buy one. I'm having information overload with all the info I'm
    reading on reviews.
    Can you please tell me which one is good to buy in this review?

  • My f 150 crew cab has 4- 200 watt JBL,s with a Crunch PX 4 channel amp. When I first got it I had my speakers hooked to a channel apiece but when I found out how to Bridge them is when it got to sounding like I wanted it to. The Crunch amp was cheap but sounds like a $500 dollar amp with the JBL,s. To me there the best sounding speakers on the market even though there not the most powerful. They get as loud as I want and they are crystal clear. I'm old school and not much on thumpers.

  • Hey, I'd try the Crunch amps cause I just got back into my music a year ago and I didn't know what differences there was between a 3- or 4 hundred dollar amp and a 100 dollar amp. I was really suprised how good the sound is. in my PX-1000-4 from Crunch. And it was about the cheapest too but had plenty of power and it's clear too. If you hook it up don't forget to unhook your power supply till you get through.with the hook up. Get you some good speakers too. Good luck!!!

  • I got a 1000 watt Crunch amp and then bridged it. That's when you hook two back speakers to the 3 or 4 channel together and you hook the two front speakers together on the1 or 2 channel. That takes the power up too 500 watts apiece for each of the speakers. I only have 200 watt speakers and love it loud but aint come close to blowing them out YET.  

  • Something tells me you are pulling our legs ?

    For proper sound and stereo separation, Each speaker should be on a separate channel of the amp such as LF, RF, LR, RR.

    GLH Geeked

  • Yeah, I want to say the same thing, he goes on and on about that Crunch amp being such a good buy, yet has a thread about it not working any longer now. Also, no offense to the guy, but there's an obvious lack of knowledge on proper wiring of equipment.

    The OP was seeking help on choosing an amplifier capable of 150RMSx4, asking what amp was best on a review site that didn't have a 4-channel capable of such. I mean their pick for the "best" 4-channel was a kenwood capable of 45RMSx4.

    Hopefully the OP has picked up an amplifier by now, but if not, I'd NOT recommend that Crunch. If help choosing an amplifier is still needed, hopefully the OP will reply back.

  • Hey Weigle; I don't remember telling you anything bout ME wiring nothing. Seems like I said I hired Suncoast sound to do it. And about the guy asking bout the amp who the hell are you, EINSTEIN. All I needed was to know if anyone knew of a reset on my amp and you want to know what kinda truck I drive. like that's got something to do with my amp not working. You must be one of those rich mamas boy telling that guy to get the kenwood amp Seems to me if he had the money like you he;d already know all about amps like you think you do. Carry on homes!!!

  • Hey GLH you aint pullin my leg bout that R u 5 0 watts is good for my factory speakers but not those 150,s . That's kinda like putting a 427 big block in a volkswagon!!

  • @Fred P

    Re-read your multiple posts and please tell me where you say you paid anyone to wire anything. And no, there's no "reset" on the amplifier like there is on HUs. Closest thing to a reset is unwiring it and letting it sit for a while for any capacitors to discharge before wiring it back up.

    And I never asked anything about you, or your vehicle, in this thread, keep your facts straight. However, since you mention it, yes, the vehicle the setup is in can make a difference. However, I inquired of more than just the vehicle in "your" thread. The vehicle the setup is in is just one key bit of information.

    And no, I never told the OP to get the, or any, Kenwood amplifier, please keep your facts straight. And I'm sorry, but if you think that one must be a "rich mamas boy" to get a kenwood amplifier, wow. If one must be rich to buy a $100-$150 amp, I hope you never see the price tags of brands like Brax, Mosconi, McIntosh, Audison, or the like.

    And I'm sorry, but things are cheap for a reason, the amp you recommended only worked for 6 months, seems like a great buy to me, not. Especially if you paid a business nearly as much as the thing cost to install it.

  • OK, Fred P ... but you don't know what you are doing so we are trying to help.

    GLH Geeked