Need repair info on an Earthquake PA2150 amp.

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Need repair info on an Earthquake PA2150 amp.

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Need repair info on an Earthquake PA2150 amp. Does anyone have a schematic for this amp? I bought it new in I think 1989. It has been thumping a set of Kicker Solo Baric C12's ever since....but has recently bit the dust. The "protection" light comes on when the remote wire is powered. The "power" light doesn't illuminate now.

Seems to me like an issue on the power supply side of things but not having a schematic, I'm not sure where to start. I've googled for a bit with no luck. Does anyone recommend a repair shop that might have knowledge of these vintage amps and access to their repair procedures?


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  • bueller.........bueller.........

  • Sorry, but this forum isn't generally geared towards assisting in repairing defective equipment. That and many of the knowledgeable member who may have been able to actually assist you stopped frequenting the forum years ago.

    I'd recommend trying your luck over on, their forum is very active with many very knowledgeable members, some of which do repair work on the side and/or for a living.

  • Thanks. I figured at least someone here could point me toward a place that could repair it at least.