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Amp Suggestion

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Can someone please tell me if the following set up will be good(HIFONICS HPX1200.1D CLASS D MONO BLOCK 1200W 1 OHM AMP & Kicker 40CWD122 12" 1200W Car Subwoofers 4 gauge wiring kit and PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter ). I have stock Head unit 2009 Honda Accord LX. I did put aftermarket speakers in my car: 2 sets Kicker 40CSS654 6.5" 600 Watt Car Audio Component Speakers Systems CSS65. Also can someone please recommend me an amp for mids and highs for my speakers? An okay amp under $150? Should I install 2 channel just to front speakers or four channels to front and back...?


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  • The sub/amp combo is not ideal, if you don't have it yet, I recommend not buying it. The subs are DVC 2 ohm rated at 300RMS each. So, you have 600RMS worth of subs and they can be wired to each other for a .5 ohm or 2 ohm final impedance. The amplifier is OVERRATED at producing 600RMS@2 ohms, but there's NO way, not when it's 1 ohm stable and has a 60AMP fuse. It's may produce 600RMS@1 ohm, bit more even, but it's not going to pump out 600RMS@2 ohms. Perhaps 400RMS@2 ohms, but that may be a bit of a stretch too.  

    For a 4-channel, about the cheapest option I'd go with would be an MB Quart OA800.4. Should be capable of near rated power if your electrical system can maintain 14V.

    Going up from there, other options I'd consider would be;

    Soundstream PN4.520D

    Precision Power PPI i520.4

    Precision Power i1000.4

    Pioneer GM-D8604

    Now, many would recommend amping the fronts only and leaving the rear powered off HU power for rear fill. Me, I did a rear speaker delete and am running a set of Alpine SPS-610C in my car, but I'm running the setup 3-way active.