2009 Ford Taurus SWI 2 wire location help.

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2009 Ford Taurus SWI 2 wire location help.

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According to instructions it should be center console on right Gray/Blue wire. The wire I see is connected to a 24 pin green connector and is gray/blue is this the wire? I also see on the driver side a gray/blue wire that is connected to Sync Module also gray/blue. I think I cut wrong wire; I cut the driver side one and get no voltage at all from this wire; ugh.

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  • Here is the one pic I cut the wire from which I think is wrong location; ugh.. Second one is a gree pin connector which I think this is the location. Can someone clarify this:



  • Maybe if you hadn't linked to facebook photos.

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  • Which interface are you using?

  • Idatalink Maestro. I linked to that, because only way I know to show photos lol

  • Well, the SWI 2 wire is supposed to be on the passenger side, not driver's side, so yeah, probably cut the wrong wire. This is why the instructions said to test the wire before cutting it. The wire should have 5V until you press the voice, phone, or OK on the steering wheel controls. Hopefully you can reattach the wire, if it is in fact the wrong one. Test the wire in the the other harness, don't cut it unless you can confirm it's the SWI 2 wire. To test it, if the probe of your DMM is too large to fit in the end of the molex plug, get a hort piece of wire to push down into the end of the plug and take the measurement off the other end of this short length of wire. I've use short pieces of solid core wire to do this many times.

  • There is no wires at all on passenger side. There is a grey clip 54 pin connector going to APIM module which is part of SYNC I think. This is where I cut the wire. Only thing I think of possibly the wire is underneath the arm rest in console?

  • I see a gray box with a plug in it and all bunch of wires going to back and there is a gray/blue wire it's impossible to check this though. Ugh this is driving me crazy

  • Sadly, I just do a few install jobs on the side now and then, so I've not been around too many newer cars, the newest Taurus I've been around was a 2002. Honestly, these newer cars are integrating the stereo into so many other features of the car that it's becoming a real pain to to replace them that I tend to avoid cars from the last decade.

    On top of that, I can only tell you the same things the instructions you have read say, that the wire is in the center console on the right (passengers) side.

    If you bought the equipment from Crutchfield, I'd try contacting their tech support directly over the phone.