White noise after installing amp to speakers

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White noise after installing amp to speakers

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I added an amp to my door speakers (2015 F150 screw)...With volume all the way down I can hear white noise and a ticking sound coming from the speakers.  I can also hear it when i open the doors with car off and no key....

I am using the factory HU

using speaker level inputs to the amp

i grounded the amp to the chaise after sanding the paint off

ran power wire (on the opposite side of speaker wires) from battery to amp

amp is a JBL club704

used 8 gauge amp kit from crutchfiled

door speakers jbl club 6x9 and jbl 6.5

I have the amp set for HPF xover for both front and rear, 32 hertz freq

used 9 wire speed wire from stinger

any idea why im getting this white noise and ticking and how to fix it?


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  • Newer ride that I've dealt with and these newer cars just get more and more complex. There are so many electrical gadgets in them now that there could be interfere being introduced from pretty much anywhere.

    Nevertheless, lets see if we can come up with something.

    White noise with the volume all the way down may just be the norm for the amp, it's actually quite common to have some, though the ticking does indicate an issue.

    Tell me, if you play an audio track with a long silence in it, do you still hear the static and popping?

    Does the noise change with the RPM's of the engine?

    Where is your amplifier's ground secured at on the truck? Needs to be a solid connection to the body/chassis of the truck sanded down to clean bare metal (no paint, primer, residue).

    Try unhooking the speaker input wires from the HU (8 of the 9 wires you used) and let me know if the noise remains when there is no input source to the amplifier.

    This should be a good start.

    And while it's not really an issue, why so low on the HPF? 32Hz/12dB roll off is quite low for full-range speakers. It's purely preference, but I'd bump it up a little, halfway between 32 and 80 would be about right if you're not running subs. .

  • thanks for the reply...

    yes i do hear the white noise and ticking when there is a pause in the music or listening to a ball game where there is not always speaking ect.

    No the noise does not change with the RPMs of the engine

    Yes i do believe there is a good ground...I sanded down to bare metal under the carpet and screwed it down securely to the frame of the truck. Does not move

    ill trying unhooking the harness from the back of the HU later this week to see if the white noise and ticking go away when removing the speaker level inputs and report back (question on this...can i just unplug the speaker level inputs at the amp to accomplish this?)

    as far as the low hz...I just havent gotten around to actually tuning the amp properly yet...I will make changes to it after i get this issue fixed (if possible first)...



  • Yes, you can unhook the wires at the amplifier, sorry, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. I merely meant to unhook the input source "coming from" the HU, not necessarily to remove it "at" the HU. 

  • when removing the speaker level inputs from the amp the white noise and ticking do not go away but the volume of them goes down.  Once the power to the amp is off completely the white noise and ticking do go away....

  • Sounds like you have a ground loop. Does the body of the amplifier make contact in any way to metal of the truck? Is it screwed down and the screws providing a grounding point?

    There are ground loop isolators that can help remedy the issue, if one can't find and fix the issue on their own. However, most utilize RCA inputs and would require the addition of an LOC (line output converter). Heck, some LOCs even have a ground loop isolator built into them.

    I haven't looked, but surely there are ground loop isolators that utilize a speaker level input, if you don't want to use an LOC.

  • it is not screwed down to the truck and does not make contact with any metal...i put Velcro on the back of amp and stuck it to the carpet.  I will look into an isolator and see if that helps....Ill report back once I have added the isolator and let you know if that worked.