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Car Audio, Video, & GPS

Car Audio, Video, & GPS
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  • Forum Post: Setting gain

    i have a kicker zx750.1 pushing 2 CVR's what should my gain be. or how would i set it by ear or by a multimeter. if i set it wrong could it damage the amp or battery?? b/c along time ago i was playing with it and i dont know what i left it at
  • Forum Post: Help picking out correct Amp

    Forward: Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge and any/all mistakes and misconceptions stated below.. I am currently having trouble finding the correct amplifier to use for my subs. The specs of my subs are Peak: 1.4kW RMS: 700W Impedance: 4 ohms. DVC (I believe) I have two of...
  • Forum Post: need help.....can amp run 2 ohm load (front channel) and 4 ohm load (rear) at same time?

    Hey all, I have a Clarion HU CZ501 19w rms x4 @4 ohms (6-channel pre-out) Dash 3.5 speakers 25w rms x4 @4 ohms Front door 6x9 speakers 100w rms x4 @4 ohms Rear door 6.5 speakers 50w rms x4 @4 ohms I want to power them with Bazooka MGA410 4-channel amp link. Bazooka MGA4150 100w rms...