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  • Forum Post: Re: Not turning on?

    If the main power is only showing .5V, then you have a serious voltage drop somewhere. If everything is off, what kind of reading do you get on the main power wire? If it is close to normal with everything off, but drops to .5V when you turn it on, then it's definitely a connection or the fuse is...
  • Forum Post: capasitors

    so i got a 2 channel sony amp runing at something like 200 rms x2 but anyways ive been noticing that my light dim and all that fun stuff so i figure its time for a capasitor. i plan to run a second amp sometime down the road (probly a 4 channel like the profile ha1040 or ha740). but for now im gona...
  • Forum Post: AMP/Sub ?

    Hi every one. I have a couple quick question, I have a Kenwood KAC-8103D Amp. It is rated at 300 RMS @ 4ohms and 500 RMS @2ohms 1000 Peak. I had it hooked up to a single 12" Sony Xplod sub that is 350 RMS and runs 4 ohms 1200 Peak, because I have an SUV I really had no need for two subs in the car because...
  • Forum Post: capacitor installation

    hi i want to install a capacitor that was givin to me its a digital micro 500k scosche i have look at couple guides for regular caps {not digital} they do not mention the diffrence between the two. do i need a resistor
  • Forum Post: Re: capacitor installation

    The only difference is the addition of the digital display on the capacitor.
  • Forum Post: Speaker_AMP Configuration

    Hi I am planning to buy the following speakers for my present Kenwood KAC-8401 & Pioneer DEH-4950MP (3 RCA Preouts). I would be fitting all this in my Hyundai Accent 2003 Model (Hatchback) . Front Speakers: Blaupunkt GTx402 (30 Watts RMS) Rear Speakers: Pioneer TS-A6992R (80 Watts RMS) Sub-Woofer...
  • Forum Post: Re: capacitor???

    Hey c blaze, From our amp glossary ..... "Heavy-duty capacitors act as a buffer zone between your amp and your car's electrical system. They store up a reservoir of power, which can supply the amplifier's peak demands (like a kick drum beat) without having to get additional current from the battery...
  • Forum Post: Re: bridging question?

    Hey c blaze, Okay, if I understand this correctly, with your first question, you are wondering if it's okay to bridge a 2-channel amp, right? The answer is that a 2-channel amp can be bridged. The specs on the amp should list the amount of power an amp can handle in bridged mode and also at what impedance...
  • Forum Post: capacitor???

    i was thanking about buying a capacitor or whatever they are called cuz my amp is pulling a lot of juice from my battery..i was wondering i kno they are supposed to keep the head lights and all that bs from they just give the more amp more power with out straining ont he batter as bad or what...
  • Forum Post: How do I run a seperate amp to power my door speakers?

    hey guys.. ok i'm running an Infinity Reference 7541a amplifier to my two 12" Infinity Reference Subs. I just got a Kenwood KAC-745 for free and i was wondering how to power it to run my door speakers. I understand the use of a distribution block but I don't know what wires to run to the amp to make...
  • Forum Post: a lil help

    ok i got a 2.0 farad massive cap..i hooked it up aand charged it.i lost the lil light bulb to charge it with so i just hooked it straight up and let it shows its got like i thank about 13.7 volts,it doesnt seem to help the lights from dimming.and the battery meter on my truck is still jumping...
  • Forum Post: Capacitor Voltage

    Hey, got a question. I installed a 3.0 farad capacitor into my audio system on my car. It works fine when I'm driving, but if I am stopped at a light the voltage on my capacitor drops from 14 to about 12.6. It does this because of the draw my subs require, and because an alternator only really charges...
  • Forum Post: Open discussion on headlight dimming solution options

    Okay, I have no agenda here - I just understand about 85% of this (theory only) and that’s a dangerous thing in my opinion, so I’m looking for guidance. I think the best solution would be Alternator, Capacitor, Dual Battery. But the experts on here seem to be saying the best options are dual battery...
  • Forum Post: Is this the correct wiring?

    Is this the correct way to wire my set up? /\ /\? Or is this the correct way? V V? Another question, where dooes the power lead go (the wire which tells my amps that my deck is turned on?) Thanks for the help!
  • Forum Post: how many farads?

    I have a 90x4 and 800x1 amplifiers. I need to buy a capacitor, but I don't know how many farads I should get. Can anyone help me with the decision. Also if you could tell me how many watts per farad would be great.
  • Forum Post: Re: how many farads?

    Another thing to not on this topic is that you can’t really add too much capacitance to your system, so it’s safe to overshoot the guidelines. If you wanted to add three 1 farad capacitors to a 1000 watt system, it wouldn’t be a problem. I definitely recommend installing a capacitor with your mono amplifier...
  • Forum Post: what size capacitor

    i have a 01 chrysler lhs with a kenwood 800w x40 amp. it is going to run kenwood t207 tweeters,kenwood kfc-x690, kenwood kfc-p507 on pioneer p690 cd deck. i was wondering what size capacitor i need , if any? thanks for your help.
  • Forum Post: Re: Capacitor first or distribution block?

    Another thing to note on this topic is that you can't really add too much capacitance to your system, so it's safe to overshoot the guidelines. If you wanted to add three 1 Farad capacitors to a 1,000 watt system, it would not be a problem.
  • Forum Post: Re: Capacitor first or distribution block?

    You are correct in your thinking TigerHeli. The capacitor(s) store electricity from the battery (which is provided by the alternator), and releases it very quickly when the amplifiers need it. Overshooting the guidelines won't affect the alternator, since the demand won't change. That will be determined...
  • Forum Post: Farad Capacitors

    Can somone tell me what are good capacitors brands please? Thanks in advance!
  • Forum Post: Amp wire gauge

    Hey guys, I'm looking to install a Blaupunkt PCA 1350 in my Mazda3 to power a 12" Alpine Type-R. The Crutchfield website says it recommends I use 4 gauge wire, but all the kits seems to be pretty expensive. Would running an 8 gauge kit be harmful or anything, or would i just not get the full power? Unfortunately...
  • Forum Post: Alternator help

    I've got a DA1504 that will be putting 1500 watts RMS to my sub system. It is class D, has 4 40 amp fuses and i'm guessing its at least 80 percent efficient, and i'm also having an 1/0 guage kit installed, so i dont think i have any wiring problems. I'll be getting a 2nd DA1504, or just a 3000 watt...
  • Forum Post: cap not on

    i turned my car on today but the cap wont turn on. the ground is good as well as the power wire
  • Forum Post: Re: Capacitor Question

    WOW TigerHeli, thanks for the advice and long detailed reply. It is much appreciated. I was able to contact the VW dealer in time and have them halt on installing a new VW battery while I look into other options/alternatives for this situation & get more advice. I have a 3rd car (Nissan truck) I...
  • Forum Post: how do i check to see if my amp (and capacitor) still works?

    i havent used my amp or capacitor in over 2 years, and they were working fine when i took apart my old system. however, i cant just hook the amp up to someone else's ride though because my amp is a crossfire 1000d (runs 500x2 @ 2 ohms, 1000x1 @ 1 ohm rms), and obviously im not just gonna screw up someone...