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Car Audio, Video, & GPS

Car Audio, Video, & GPS
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  • Forum Post: How do I run a seperate amp to power my door speakers?

    hey guys.. ok i'm running an Infinity Reference 7541a amplifier to my two 12" Infinity Reference Subs. I just got a Kenwood KAC-745 for free and i was wondering how to power it to run my door speakers. I understand the use of a distribution block but I don't know what wires to run to the amp to make...
  • Forum Post: a lil help

    ok i got a 2.0 farad massive cap..i hooked it up aand charged it.i lost the lil light bulb to charge it with so i just hooked it straight up and let it shows its got like i thank about 13.7 volts,it doesnt seem to help the lights from dimming.and the battery meter on my truck is still jumping...
  • Forum Post: Is this the correct wiring?

    Is this the correct way to wire my set up? /\ /\? Or is this the correct way? V V? Another question, where dooes the power lead go (the wire which tells my amps that my deck is turned on?) Thanks for the help!
  • Forum Post: do I need a new alterantor?

    I have a 1999 nissan maxima and I am putting 2 15" solo baric L7 subs in the trunk. These subs are 1000 watts RMS and 2000 watts peak, they are also dual 2 ohm voice coil. I am using 2 MTX Thunder Elite TE1501D amplifiers that will see a one ohm load so they will be able to produce 1500 watts rms per...