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  • Forum Post: What amp for 2 12" Kenwood w3011's (50-400rms) in a Q-logic box?

    I am wondering what amp I should use to power two Kenwood w3011 12" subs (400rms each) in a Q-logic box. I have my eye on the Infinity reference 611a (657rms x 1 at 2 ohms). I'm wondering if that means I would get 328.5 watts to each sub, and if so would it matter that they are underpowered...
  • Forum Post: What amp to use?

    I'm thinking about putting two of the Kenwood KFC-W2510 10" subs in my truck, what would be the best amp to use?
  • Forum Post: Amp EQ QUESTION

    When an equalizer (Kenwood KGC 4042-A) is in use and throttled up, does that make the amps put out more watts? Or does that just increase the decibels? Also I have two 700RMS subs and two RF Punch 800 amps. Should I give all 800 to each sub? Or can the amps be tuned to only give 600-700 RMS per sub?...
  • Forum Post: AMP/Sub ?

    Hi every one. I have a couple quick question, I have a Kenwood KAC-8103D Amp. It is rated at 300 RMS @ 4ohms and 500 RMS @2ohms 1000 Peak. I had it hooked up to a single 12" Sony Xplod sub that is 350 RMS and runs 4 ohms 1200 Peak, because I have an SUV I really had no need for two subs in the car because...
  • Forum Post: Re: Quick sub/amp ?

    JCF07, You have made an excellent match. The subwoofer will handle up to 300 watts RMS and the amp will outputs 300 watts RMS to it. Great job!
  • Forum Post: Quick sub/amp ?

    Hi everyone im planning on buying one Infinity Reference 1250w 4ohm 12" Component Subwoofer with a power range of 60-300 watts RMS (1,200 watts peak power) and i was planning to power it with the Kenwood KAC-8103D Mono subwoofer amplifier 300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms). my question...
  • Forum Post: best/cheapest amp choice. Noob lookin 4 help!

    Hello. Im lookin at putting some subs in my 1995 chevy suburban. I already have an alpine CDA-9883 reciever installed & it sounds great. I'm gonna build my own box & i want to use 3 12" subs, because a suburban is a big truck & i want lots of boom. I want to use 3 kenwood KFC-W3011 subs because...
  • Forum Post: Re: What ams i should get for Chevy Silverado 2004 Extended Cab?

    Given that in your other post regarding subwoofers, you referenced 12" subwoofers, then that is what I will bas the response on. The best choice for the Alpine Type S subwoofers is the Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D amp. If you get two of the Alpine Type R subwoofers, then your best choice is the Kenwood...
  • Forum Post: Amp Help

    I have a Kenwood KAC-8105D Amp 500 watts RMS 1000 Peak powering two Pioneer TS-W303R Subs. My stereo is a JVC Arsenal KD-AHD69. The stereo puts 5 volts to the amp. The amp has a voltage setting that I can set from 5 volts to .2 volts. This is set to the amount of volts from the stereo so i would set...
  • Forum Post: Amp and Subwoofer Help Please

    Hey everyone I am looking for some help with my ford explorer audio system. I am choosing between two 10" kenwood excellon subs and three kenwood amps. I want the best quality I can get out of these subs, but do not want to risk blowing the subs. Thanks in advance! Here are my options: SUBS:...
  • Forum Post: Ideal Amp

    Would an 1800W Kenwood KAC-9105D Amplifier be ideal for two 12" Alpine Type R's? Thanks in advance for an feedback!
  • Forum Post: Amp shuts off and blows fuses HELP!

    Hello people I need help ,I have a kenwood kac-8104D it's a mono block amplifier pushes 300 rms @ 4 ohms and 500 rms @ 2 ohms the subwoofer I'm running with this amplifier is a Rockford fosgate t110d2 it pushes 1200 watts peak and 600 watts rms, my subwoofer is currently wired at 2ohms,also have...