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I got a new amp for my audio and hooked up all four of my speakers to it and ran the wire to the back for my radio. All I get out the speakers is bass and very low sound. What did I do wrong ?

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  • What amp ? How exactly did you set it all up ? What radio ? What speakers ? Not much to go on.

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  • I got a pioneer DEH-X2900UI head unit. 600w 4 channel full range amp and 4 colaxial kicker speakers. I also have another 2 channel 600w amp with a jl sub all is installed right. I ran all wire for kicker speakers to back of head unit and all work but there's only bass and really low sound and coming out of them. This problem has me confused

  • My heaed unit only has 2 rca connection but I split them and have two rca running to my sub amp and four running to my kicker amp.

  • Yep. Nope. Not gonna work. The RCA outs can be rear or sub. Set them for sub and use them only for the sub amp. Use the 4 speaker wire outputs from the headunit to the 4 channel amp. The headunit also has settings for sub level, highpass crossover, and lowpass crossover. If you do not know how to set up the amps and/or adjust all the controls and settings, read read read and/or get someone who knows to help you, and/or take it all to a professional installer.

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