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Rear speakers 4 wires and new speakers have 2 wires what should I do?

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  • Not sure what year yours happens to be, but many had a low-passed signal sent to the 6x9 woofer and a full-range signal sent to the rear tweeters. It'd most likely be the tweeter leads you'd want to use. If you provide more info, I could be more specific.

  • Is there a way I can bypass the amp

  • You have the monsoon system in that car and replaced the OEM HU with an aftermarket? If so, about the only thing would be to run new wire from the Hu to the speaker locations. Kind of sucks, but it's the best coarse of action.

    One could locate the OEM amp and then cut and splice wires to bypass it, but you'd need a wiring schematic for both the input and output sides.

    Really, it's not that difficult to run new wire, did so on my sister's 02' GT sedan. It's just time consuming.

  • I would like to cut and splice the wires but how would I run new speaker wire?

  • Well, I still have no idea what year your GT is or what stereo package it actually has, so I can't help with cutting and splicing at all.

    As for how you would run new wire, in my sister's 02 GT sedan, I removed the radio, front door panels, and trim panels running along the bottom of the door opening. Then came the part of running speaker wire from each speaker back to the stereo and then connecting them to their proper channels on the stereo.

    The rear speaker wire runs were easy, the front door speaker wire runs however took a little time and effort getting the wire snaked through the door boot with all the other wiring. Although, the aid of a nice long heavy duty zip tie really made it not too bad. I merely tapped the speaker wire to the zip tie, then snaked it through the boot and pull the wire through with it. I used to use metal hangers, untwisted and straightened out, but those don't seem to exist any longer. Regardless, anything that's fairly long, narrow, and somewhat rigid that you can snake through the boot in which you can tape the speaker wire to so you can pull it through will work, those are just the two items I've used.

    A few well placed zip ties in the rear deck and under the dash kept all these wires nice and neat.

    Took me around two/two and a half hours from start to finish. I'm sure others have done it in less time and some have had it take noticeably longer.

  • It's a 2003 GT but I changed my stereo and I'm new to running speaker what stuff could you recommend me to buy with it

  • Alright, so the monsoon amp seems to be the same as in the 02, same wiring and everything.

    If you would rather bypass the amplifier and any processing in it (wouldn't blame you for it), but don't way to run new wire, then just get to the amplifier, which should be in the trunk on the drivers side (left) behind the carpet.

    Should be able to just cut and splice.

    Front speakers are as follows;

    Pin 2 TAN Left Front Speaker Output (+) to Pin 15 DK BLU Left Front Midrange Speaker Output (+)

    Pin 3 GRY Left Front Speaker Output (-) to Pin 16 LT BLU Left Front Midrange Speaker Output (-)

    Pin 1 LT GRN Right Front Speaker Output (+) to Pin 23 ORN Right Front Midrange Speaker Output (+)

    Pin 17 DK GRN Right Front Speaker Output (-) to Pin 22 DK GRN Right Front Midrange Speaker Output (-)

    Rear speakers are as follows;

    Pin 5 DK BLU Right Rear Speaker Output (+) to Pin 30 DK GRN Right Subwoofer Speaker Output (+)

    Pin 4 LT BLU Right Rear Speaker Output (-) to Pin 29 LT BLU/BLK Right Subwoofer Speaker Output (-)

    Pin 6 BRN Left Rear Speaker Output (+) to Pin 31 DK BLU/WHT Left Subwoofer Speaker Outlet (+)

    Pin 7 YEL Left Rear Speaker Output (-) to Pin 32 GRN/BLK Left Subwoofer Speaker Outlet (-)

    Wiring schematic for your car.

    As for what to buy, what's your budget and goal? And if I may, what's the model number of the HU you put in the car?

  • Thanks for the wire jumping but I'm still interested in running new speaker and I don't have a specific budget

  • Do you know how to make the 4 wires on the rear speakers into 2 for aftermarket speakers

  • Yes, that is what the response I last posted was all about, if you splice the wires I listed, then the wires in the back for the woofer would be the only one with power and they'd have a full-range signal from your aftermarket HU (or high passed if your HU has such an option enable).

    And your previous response you said, "but I'm still interested in running new speaker and I don't have a specific budget". Was that meant to mean you are looking to run after market speakers and are looking for suggestions without a specific budget in mind or that you are looking to run new speaker wire.

    I was under the impression you already have speakers, but perhaps I was mistaken with how I interpreted your words.

    Without a budget, it becomes quite difficult to recommend what to look into. I mean speakers range from dirt cheap (both in price and quality) all the way up to multi-thousand dollar sets. Obviously you have no intention of buying a $10K set of Audison Thesis speakers, but without a budget, it makes no sense to go researching speakers and recommend say a $600 set only for you to say that's too costly or a $50 set that ends up being underwhelming.

    Really need to have some sort of budget im place as well as your end goals.

    For example, most of your really good aftermarket speakers perform horrible off mere HU power. If you have no intention of running aftermarket amps, then most of the higher dollar/quality speakers one would like to recommend would just seem underwhelming off HU power.

    Also, it makes a difference what sort of processing your HU has and if you plan to run a subwoofer down the road for lows or rely on the full-range speakers.

    Sorry, but without knowing more specifics, I don't know where to begin, there's just too many options out there.

  • I already have aftermarket speakers for my rear and I bypassed the amp

  • So... what is it you are still seeking assistance for? Front speakers?

    I'd recommend buying adapter plates to run 5.25" or 6.5" speakers myself. And if you're up to it, component sets. Though there's not too much on the market that performs all that great off mere HU power.

  • What would you recommend for the rear deck

  • Off HU power, Pioneer tends to do fairly well at a reasonable price. I've been fairly content with most Pioneer speakers I've used. Decent price/performance ratio. Incidentally, Pioneer is what's in my sister's GA front and rear. She didn't want to get too in depth with an install and wanted to keep it simple, so it has a set of 30RMS Pioneer  2-way 4x6 coaxial speakers up front and 50RMS 6x9 3-way Pioneer 6x9 coaxial speakers in back (don't recall the model numbers). They are ran off an Alpine CDE-124SXM and on their own, not too shabby. Still, she has a sub setup for the lows in her trunk, so the front and rear speakers are high-pass filtered. She ran the Pioner 6x9's in the rear for a couple years before getting the subwoofer. they didn't do too shabby for lows you can hear. If you want to feel it however, a dedicated subwoofer setup is the only way to go. she finally went with a sub after being in enough rides with one and getting offered the sub setup she has now for free from our cousin.

    Me, in my Cavalier, I did a rear speaker delete and am running a set of Alpine SPS-610C components up front actively off a Rockford PBR300X4 via an Alpine CDA-177 with Imprint processor. Gets plenty loud inside the car and I have a 10" sub in the trunk for my lows.

    Again, not enough details to get too technical with options.  

  • Yea I like the pioneer brand I was thinking puting subs for the bass in the back