2003 Oldsmobile alero

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2003 Oldsmobile alero

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Please anybody who can help in detail would be amazing I drive a 2003 Oldsmobile alert 2 door and would love the help. So I plan on buying a pioneer gm-d8604 4 channel amplifier to power 2 4x6 3 way speakers which are the pioneer ts-a4676r's in my front doors and also to power 2 6x9 5 way pioneer ts-a6996r's in the rear. Also I plan on running a pioneer gm-d9601 mono block amp to power 2 pioneer ts-w3003d4. Now I need to know exactly all the wires I need and all the extra parts that I would require to make this assembly happen. Also my head unit is a pioneer fh-x700bt. Now price is not a issue as I plan on inquiring these parts over time I'm just curious how it all needs to be done also I found a diagram that seems to be what I'm looking for I just need to know all the parts and specifics.

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  • Big Pioneer fan or just OCD about using matching gear?

    I'll tell you this up front, you're wasting your time and money buying those 4x6's and with the 4-channel and wiring them up it. They are rated for 30RMS, they're not really intended for anything more than HU power. Now I know the HU you have is only rated for 14RMS CEA compliant, but with those speakers, you'd be wasting time and money hooking them up to an amplifier capable of 100+RMS as you seem to be planning to do. Sure, you can set up the amplifier to restrict it's power output to those 4x6's, but I'm telling you, it's really not worth it.

    If it were me, I'd opt to run 5 1/4 or 6.5 components up front. That's exactly what I'm doing with my Cavalier, which used 4x6's for the OEM speaker size up front. Your Alero may have had tweeters in the sail panels, unlike my cavalier, so mounting the separate tweeters would/should be easier in your case. Since 6.5's and 5.25" speakers aren't a direct drop in replacement, they aren't listed as "fitting", but a simple adaper bracket for our cars will remedy this, just have to be careful on which adapters and speakers you get/pair together so as to not have any issues with clearance for the window to roll down or the factory door panel grill to clear the mid's cone excursion.  It's not all that difficult to get right.

    Anyways, whatever you choose to do, you'll still have some things that will remain the same, which are the this you are inquiring about.

    To install the amplifiers, you'll need power/ground wire. One run of higher quality 4GA to a fused distribution block would be the route I'd take. Then from it, 4GA to the mono/sub amp with a 120AMP fuse and quality 8GA to the 4-channel with a 60AMP fuse in the distribution block to protect it.

    Knukonceptz makes some quality, yet affordable wire. KOL-AK4-4 would be a decent amp kit to get from them.  It comes with a 120AMP fuse, but you can replace it with a 150AMP and be perfectly safe, they even claim such on their site, if it eases your mind. Now you'll need a distribution block as well, which BK-424 from their site would be fine, just choose a 120AMP and 60AMP for  the fuse ratings when ordering.

    The kit comes with (2) RCA/patch cables, which is all you need, not to mention, all you can use given your HU. You'll just want to set the 4-channel amp to 2 channel operation on the input switch, so the input signal feeds all four channels.

    You'd then want to make sure the hU has the rear/sub preamp outputs set to sub mode so you have dedicated subwoofer controls at the HU (both crossover and output/volume level).

    The kit comes with 20' of 12GA wire, which is plenty heavy for running power to your front and rear speakers, but there's just not enough. So, you'll need more, but 16GA is plenty heavy, if it's quality wire. Your choice. "Kord" is the line of wire shipped with the kit, so if you wish to stay with it, look for it on their site.

    For the subs, I'd use 10GA, if you plan to just have one run of wire. If you wish to make two runs, wiring each sub to it's own terminals on the amp (they are wiring in parallel internally on the amp, so it's a mono channel amp), then the included 12GA is heavy enough.

    Once you begin getting the equipment, by all means, come back for a refresh on what you need and may want to do.