PIoneer DEH 80PRS

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PIoneer DEH 80PRS

  • I am looking at this receiver as a replacement for my Kenwood Echelon, which I have never been happy with due to poor performance.  My priorities are high-end CD and FM tuner performance.  I do not own a smart phone or listen to any of those related low-fidelity formats that everyone else seems to love.  Would love to hear back from someone that owns this do you feel about the CD playback and FM tuner performance??  Thanks


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  • Sorry, I haven't ever taken mine out of the box yet... and I bought it within the first few months after being released.

    However, there are many who have used and/or are still using the unit over on There's even a few in depth threads on tuning the HU as well. May be able to find threads talking about the performance of the tuner vs others. Could potentially be able to find some said on the HU's CD drive.

    Or, you could join that forum and ask this question there, as I'm sure there are more than a few willing to chime in on the topic. After all, it's one of the more highly regarded HU's released in the last few years that's reasonably priced for the masses.

  • Seriously ? You wanna replace that awesome Kenwood with a crappy Pioneer ?

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  • We get it, Kenwood is not a very highly regarded brand here and not popular with you in the least (I'm in that boat as well).  Still, please leave dead threads lie.