Hello all. I was hoping someone could help me pick the right head unit and overhead DVD player for my 2002 Ford E-150 Conversion Van. It's a wheelchair lift converted van for my disabled daughter and I was looking to really upgrade the interior accessories.

    It had a dated audiovox overhead screen, which was missing the screen when I purchased it *Damaged by head-to-screen "DOH" moment I was told.*. So I removed that, as it was useless. It was wired to a VHS player that is mounted on the left side wall in the middle of the van. I really don't have any desire to use this either. I wanted to update it to a overhead DVD system, but, I can't seem to narrow down a good one. I inquired about different brands at a local car audio and video shop, and was told Nesa is a step above Audiovox, not sure if this is true. The original unit was a 13" screen, so I'd like to stick with that same size for easier mounting/installation. As far as price goes, I'd like to stay around 300 to 350. The overhead will be mainly for my daughter to watch while on the road. There are two speakers that are mounted on the interior roof that were wired into the old audiovox system, I'd like to use these as the output instead of the 6 factory speakers. I'm really at a loss on what brand to go with.

And now for the receiver, or headunit. I've done a LOT a research on different brands. Lot's of comparing, and lots of review reading but, I'm still divided on what to choose. What I really want is a rock solid GPS with TTS (speaking road names and exits) and the ability to add a backup camera with guidelines. I don't have a smartphone yet, though I plan on getting a moto G4 (Android) eventually, so smartphone access would be a nice addition. I don't want a slow unit that will take forever to do anything or a confusing UI.

I looked at several units, heres the list:

Boss Audio BVNV9378RC 

This one comes with a backup camera, but, I don't think it will have guidelines. It seems like it's a newer version of the BV960NV.  I found this one attractive due to the price.

When I inquired about Boss Audio units at the local car audio / video shop the guy there told me "We don't sell any of that cheap stuff" which I felt was kinda rude, but, a little informative as well. Are Boss Audio units junk or just cheaper with less features?

Pioneer AVIC-6200 & Pioneer AVIC-7200

These two seem to have everything I need, but, they are expensive. Although at this price range, I am more inclined to purchase the 7200. Although the only difference I can find is the 7200 supports android auto. Are there any other known differences that may not be in the detailed specs? Like faster processor, etc?

Alpine INE-W960

This unit seems to be the middle ground of the three above. Although there are some tough reviews on amazon and here on crutchfield that make me worried. Although some of those issues seem due to installation?

I looked at a few of the kenwood units but they were all so expensive.

The Kenwood Excelon DNX693S was reasonable though. What attracted me to this was that is uses Garmin, which I know to be a well known and respected GPS system and apparently built in guidelines for any standard backup camera. Not sure if it works with Android though.

Can anyone recommend one of these units over the others and why? Also any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance!