Screen Goes Black

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Screen Goes Black

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I have a Kenwood KIV-BT901 in my "toy" car that stays garaged throughout the winter. Today I started it up after four months and for some reason the display screen on the Kenwood won't stay on. The music plays OK from any source but the screen will only display for about 5 seconds and then it goes black.

I can press the Menu or any other button and the display will momentarily come back on, but it goes blank again after about 5 seconds.

What's going on here?

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  • Go into the menu and find "Display off mode" in the settings. If it's set to "OFF", then change it to "ON".

  • OK, I tried that but it won't change. If I set it to "ON" and hit the "Kenwood" button to enable it, it jumps back to the previous screen and still shows "OFF". I can't get it to stay ON. Am I doing something wrong?

  • That "should" have enabled it.

    I'll look at the manual.

    Well, after you "enable" it by pressing the volume knob/kenwood button, it says to press and hold the menu button for at least one second, then press it again briefly. Obviously, this is the method for enabling anything in the menu and surely you have been successful in changing other options. So, I'm at a loss.

    It reverting back to the previous screen seems odd. I myself have not used a Kenwood unit since 99' and have avoided using one since. So, I have very little experience with their units. I'd contact Crutchfield tech support over the phone if you bought it from here. Or, directly contact Kenwood about the matter.