2013 F150 -XL - Non Integrated radio

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2013 F150 -XL - Non Integrated radio

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Hello everyone, I bought a Pioneer AVH-X2800BS, I didn't need the install gear(had the wire harness from a previous project I never continued working on, as well as the dash kit). Should I just be able to match the colors up on the harness to the unit and be good or will I need to find a wire schematic for the 2013 F150 XL Base radio (no cd no nav no sync no nothing lol). I should probably have at least ordered the install instructions. Thank you!
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  • Annnd I suppose it would be a grand idea to look at the back of the 70-5520 packaging...

  • Is the System Remote Control (Blue/White on the Metra harness) supposed to go to the Blue/White on the receiver? It looks like the Receiver has it labeled as System Remote Control, and Metra as Amp Turn-On?

  • If you have the standard base AM/FM radio, then chances are you don't have a factory amplifier and won't need to worry about the blue/white remote wire, but it won't hurt anything to connect them. If the wiring harness you have is the correct one for your truck, then it's as simple as connecting the matching colors.

    And I believe this link to be the schematic for your truck.

  • Thanks Weigel! I got everything wired up and the magic smoke didn't come out. Tapped the ground wire a time or two and things seem to be working like they should. Speakers sound better already.

    I am having one problem.. Im trying to connect this Micro Bypass, well, I have it connected and it doesn't seem to work. I noticed that my f150 harness doesn't seem to even have a wire for amp turn on.... Is there anything else I can do to get that working? (aside from a toggle).

  • I don't have a power antenna wire either.. Is my only option finding some other switched power?

  • Awesome.

    As for the bypass, I'm not sure what one you have, as they change from time to time on how to wire them. Instructions may make it easier for me, but I'll say this, I would think you use the Pioneer's remote lead, not a wire in the trucks harness for an amp turn on or power antenna, as they wouldn't have power, they'd be looking to receive power from the HU's remote turn-on lead.

    Honestly though, many of them have but 3 wires and are simple to connect, one connects to the stereo's ground, one connects to the parking brake wire of the stereo, and the third goes to the stereo's remote turn-on lead (Blue and white wire).

    If you are needing a switched power source, other than the HU's remote lead, then there's always the red acc power wire in the wiring harness you wired to the pioneer.

  • That did the trick, makes sense now that you mention that lol. Thanks Weigel!.. One last question? Is there something specific I would need to do to get USB drives to work? I tried formatting to FAT32, doesn't seem to want to even give me the option to view the drive contents. I can plug my android into the usb and appradio etc seems to work just fine.  Thank you!

  • The drive is an 8GB drive by the way. I tried a 360GB USB drive first and thought it may have something to do with the size so I went ahead and tried the 8GB.

  • I've heard of some having issues with certain brands of flash drives, usually less reputable brands.

    In the past, many HUs had a limit on the size of flash drive you could use, but I think most these days don't suffer from such limitations.

    You said you tried formatting it to FAT32, does that mean yo were successful in formatting it to FAT32? I know many flash drive already come formatted to such.

    If I may, what were the files you were trying to play? MP3? WMA? FLAC? AAC? All of those are supported formats of the HU.

    Myself, pretty much the only time I have any issues with flash drives is when it's cold. Some HU's just don't like to work too well when cold and flash drives that are cold aren't easily read by them.