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Pioneer 6200 2009 Ford Taurus no power?

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Pioneer 6200 2009 Ford Taurus no power?

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I got the Pioneer 6200 with the FO1 harness and Idatalink Maestro. I wanted to check to see if my connections were good before proceeding all I did was connect the main harness to radio at this point.. I matched all the colors from the FO1 harness to the Pioneer harness. I verified getting constant power with the yellow wire. However, getting no power to radio at all. I checked red wire and getting no volts at all. I am confused on why this is. Anyone? Could it be possibly the ground? How do I check the ground?

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  • Red wire to a switched source ? Key on ?

    GLH Geeked

  • I matched the Red wire from the Harness of the FO1 to the red wire on the Pioneer harness. When I turn on ignition I get no power to head unit at all. I checked the wire if getting voltage from either the pioneer of the fo1 harness and nothing. I didn't though check the wire from the car itself. Not sure what to do at this point. I am going to try and reconnect the wires again. Not sure how to check wires from car since its a pin like harness.

  • You should be getting 12V from the Red wire with the ignition on, if you're not, then I'd be checking for blown fuses in your fuse box. The ground has nothing to do with not getting power from the red wire.