Help choosing between Pioneer AVH-2800BS and Kenwood DDX374BT

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Help choosing between Pioneer AVH-2800BS and Kenwood DDX374BT

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My 2012 Nissan Altima Sedan currently has an after-market Pioneer FHX-700BT. I want to replace it with another double-din unit and install a backup camera to show image on it.

I have only three requirements that I need from a replacement unit:

1) Be able to show backup camera image when car is in reverse

2) Bluetooth should allow hands-free calling with Siri (iOS) and Google Voice calling (Android) from the unit. My current unit does not allow this. My wife uses an iPhone and I am an Android fanboy, so we need to be able to use both.

3) Support for AM and FM radio stations, and bookmarking at least 5 stations.

I do not need any other features - DVD receiving, phone mirroring, navigation readiness, etc are all unnecessary features that I do not intend to use.

Given these requirements, what would you suggest between these two models (or any other model):

- Pioneer AVH-2800BS $200 + tax

- Kenwood DDX374BT $205 + tax

- Any other unit near the $200 price range that you would suggest instead?

The labor & accessories cost for both units are the same according to the installer.

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  • Not a lot of active member on here these days. However, I can assure you GLH (one of the few active members) would vote Pioneer, as would I.

    I won't go into his reasons, but mine are because of the following.

    Pioneer has historically had a better reputation for Bluetooth. I've seen far more complaints about Kenwood units dropping the connection, having trouble connecting, or just having issues in general with the Bluetooth over Pioneer units.

    Then due to personal experience and having a handful of classmates in the same boat (back in 98'/99') of having Kenwood units fail shortly after warranty (actually had one guy have his fail within warranty and then replacement fail after the warranty period), I'd not risk buying a Kenwood. It may have just been that Kenwood had a QC issue back then, even though our units ranged from entry level all the way up to the execlon line. Regardless, it put me off Kenwood and looking around today, it appears there are more refurbished Kenwood models available than most other brands. Could merely mean that Kenwood sells more HU's than most, as all manufacturers have failures, so it merely seems they have a higher failure rate, but "I" doubt such.

  • Thanks Weigel21! Very informative.