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  • Which is better 2-ohm or 4-ohm subwoofers?
    2-ohm and 4-ohm are simply impedance measurements. Impedance does not change the sound quality of the subwoofer. The different impedance measurements are designed to give you more wiring options.
    *Please Note* It is always best to match the total impedance of the subwoofer(s) to the impedance of the amplifier. Failure to do so will risk damaging your equipment.  
    More information on wiring configurations can be found in the Tech Knowledge Base at:
    More information on choosing a subwoofer can be found on the Crutchfield Advisor site at:

    How Do I add a link to my post?

    A: There are two ways that you can add a link to your post.
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    How do I add an image to my post?
    A: To insert an image You will want to click on  . This will bring up a pop-up box with several options. The main ones are the “Image URL” and “Image Description.” If you need a place to upload a photo you have taken, you can find some nice options at:
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    Why should I add tags to my post?
    A: Tags help everyone be able to navigate the site better. Not only do they improve the search functionality, but the tag clouds can also help narrow down searches. You can see a list of all tags currently on the site here. You can also create new tags which may help describe your post.
    I have a question that is not addressed here
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