Help please kenwood ksc-sw11 underseat sub problem

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Help please kenwood ksc-sw11 underseat sub problem

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I installed the Kenwood KSC‑SW11underseat sub in my 2015 subaru crosstrek vx. It works great exempt for one thing. Sometimes there is a low frequency "farting" sound. That's the best way to explain it. I've checked connections and just can't figure out what it is but it is definitely coming from the sub. It is very noticable when i have the volume down. It only lasts for a few seconds or so then goes away, then maybe a few seconds or minutes later it comes back and again only lasts a few seconds. Also I have the factory installed navigation unit so there is no way to actually turn it off. But it happens with the volume all the way down. Also with the radio on off.
Any ideas of what's happening  or how to fix?

I installed according to install instructions.  hooking up to front speakers.  only thing I didn't do was put the accessorie wire onto the back of the radio, installed that into the acc fuse under the dash fuse box.

Sub turns on and off when the key is turned to on position.  it all seems to work fine that way.

Thank you.

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  • It is receiving the "farting" signal from something ! Signal wires laying on a power source or high amp power wire going to something else ? Anyone's guess. That is all anyone reading your post can ascertain. Sorry.

    GLH Geeked

  • Thanks, which wires should I be concerned about?  And what should I do to start isolating them?  / wrapping them?

  • Signal wires (speaker and RCA) should run down opposite side of vehicle from power wires. If they cross power wires or anything powered, cross at 90 degree angle and use heavy duty foil.

    GLH Geeked

  • I reran wires and I am still getting the sound.  I separated the speaker wires from the power and ACC wire.

    I also disconnected the Left and Right RCA cables to eliminate a speaker wire issue.  Thinking this had to be the issue, but it still makes the noise.

    I tried buying a new Kenwood, and just replaced the unit, and the new unit did the same thing.

    The only thing I didn't do was replace the wiring harness coming out of the unit.

    I even disconnected the remote control

    I am at a loss now.  I may buy a kicker underseat unit at this point