Distortion for radio not my phone

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Distortion for radio not my phone

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I have a 2014 ford focus se, I have the 6 speaker unit with just a stock headunit. A while back i decided to put in 4 kicker door speakers hoping to get some more bass without having to buy a sub. They made it a little better but finally I broke down and bought a sub. I got the pioneer TS-SWX3002 sub and paired it with a pioneer GM-D8601 class d mono amp. After installation i discovered that when I play the radio even if it is not very loud it distorts really bad and the amp kicks off. Then i plugged in my phone and played off of that and it worked great. But then i was driving some friends around and it did the same distortion thing with their phones. So it really only works with my phone. Does anyone have idea of why this would happen and how i could possibly fix it?

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  • it's difficult to say what might be going bcuz there are so many unknown variables.  factory radios have crazy EQ's that you actually have no control over.  most typical issue is a reduction in bass as the volume is increased, but we can skip over that as the issue for now.  

    i assume you're playing the phone through an Auxiliary input on the dash.  i don't know if that's what you meant but that's the typical scenario.  

    first thing that comes to mind is your personal phone simply may not have as high of an output as others.  if that's the case, it's most likely the amplifier gain is set too high.  that is a common mistake when the amplifier is not as powerful as the sub.  Pioneer rates that amp at 300x1 at 4 ohms, and your sub's power handling is 400 watts.  that's acceptable, but not ideal.  if you had a sub or subs with a 1 ohm final impedance, your amp could crank out 800 watts, but that's impossible at 4 ohms.  

    hopefully you don't have overly high expectations out of your current system.  shallow-mount subs are inherently less efficient and far less capable of reproducing deep bass compared to traditional subs in medium or large enclosures, and are laughably quiet compared to a well-made ported box.  don't crank up the gain thinking you can turn your car into a rolling night club.  

  • The attenuation of the bass lower as volume is increased is definitely an issue with these cars. I have a 2014 Focus with base model headunit. It has USB sync input which gives much better sound than the Bluetooth or aux. You might need a basic Audiocontrol module to go between the headunit and amp. Restores the bass.

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