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I have a 2014 ford focus se with stock headunit. I hooked up a pioneer GM-D8601 amp to it. Since it is a stock headunit it didn't have any RCA outputs. My amp came with a cable that was an rca input on one side and broke down into 4 wires and i already had a typical rca cable. So i bought a double RCA female connector. Then the i spliced in to my front speakers using the cable that with the amp and then connect it to the other end to my other rca cable using the double female connector. I have a lot of disotrition when playing the radio but not my phone. Could it possibly be because i used this method to connect to my headunit rather using a line out converter?

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  • I don't completely understand but I can say I always get distortion with using an LOC.

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  • rca cables aren't meant to carry speaker-level output.  the wires contained in even decent ones are very thin.  you should run speaker wires from wherever you splice into the front speakers back to the amp, then use the provided converter to connect it.