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Got 2 old diamond audio 10s svc 8ohm subs 300 rms. Hooked them up in my tundra with old fosgate punch 800- they didn't work- amp turned on but nothing out of the subs. I got a cheap kicker amp at Best Buy and hooked it up in the parking lot to see if my subs worked- they did. I returned that amp and bought an alpine 1000w mono amp online that arrived today. So excited to try it but hooked it up and again nothing out of my subs- amp is on. Any ideas?

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  • i assume you didn't change any of the speaker wiring between amp swaps.  just to be sure their connected, disconnect them from the amp and touch the speaker leads to a 9V battery.  they should move and likely make a subtle 'pop' sound.  

    the amp's power on indicator may only be telling you that it's receiving the REM input from the HU.  you can see if that's the case with your model by disconnecting the POS (careful with it, don't touch metal) and try turning it on with only the REM and GND connected.  you'll probably get the same "ON" indication even tho the amp actually has no power to it.

    a DMM would be great here.  you should have a fuse by the battery; check that it hasn't blown.  better to use a multi-meter since it's not always obvious if the fuse is intact.

    if nothing else works, maybe just buy the kicker amp Confused