Which subwoofers should I get?

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Okay so I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on what to get. I want to get a 2 dual voice coil 2 ohm NVX VCW122 and wired each sub to 1 ohm with each sub also having its own amp. The two amps would be NVX JAD1200.1. Or I could get 2 dual voice coil 4 ohm NVX VCW124 wired both subwoofers to 1 ohm. Both subs will have one amp. The amp would be a Hifonica Brutus BRX2000.1D. I'm having trouble deciding. Will it make a difference?

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  • given a choice, i would prefer to drive all subwoofers from a single channel.  the NVX JAD1200.1 doesn't state that it can be used in a Master/Slave configuration on the manufacturer's website, so i assume that it doesn't support a single channel feature.  you can surely use two channels to drive 2 subs, but it takes an extra measure of tweaking to make certain they are both receiving the same signal.  

    that said, the BRX2000.1 and the dual 4 ohm subs would be my pick.