Kicker 43C104

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Whats the displacement of this sub??

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  • don't sweat it. really.

    it's not stated on Kicker's website, but the other pertinent Thielle/Smalle parameters are.  i guess they figure you don't need to know, and it's likely very small so they're kinda right.  it appears to have similar basket dimensions to a JL 10w1, which is 0.037ft^3.  if you're using a 3/4" thick baffle, than the ring you cut out of the box is 0.028ft^3.  so the net you'd subtract from your inner box volume is 0.00086ft^3.  it's such a trivial amount, it's not really worth adding to the calculation.  if you're using a 1" thick baffle, than you'd add back 0.038ft^3, which would mean a tiny net gain to the internal volume. 

    just consider the ring you cut out of the baffle and the driver displacement to be approximately equal, and you'll be fine.  driver displacement doesn't much matter until you get into higher power subwoofers.