Buying 2 Alpine Type R Subs!! Help!

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Buying 2 Alpine Type R Subs!! Help!

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Hi Im Buying 2 Alpine Type R 10" Subs, Really new to this car audio stuff.

Under the impression because im buying 2 subs I get the 4 ohm subs because I'm choosing to run 2 amps. One to each sub.

Not looking to spend millions. Just looking for amps that can run at 1000 RMS x1 at 2 ohms.

If this is wrong please let me know!

and if not what are your amp suggestions!

Thanks In advance

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  • You only need one mono amp for both subs. They will be a 2 ohm load, combined. Not sure which Type-R subs you are getting.

    GLH Geeked

  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    Im now getting 2 alpine type R 8'' subs or 2 JL 10JW3D4 subs.

    Wanting to power them with a alpine 100 or 110 (1000 or 1100 RMS) Lower in 4 ohm.

    with another little amp for my speakers.

    Is this a decent set up idea?

  • Both are good subs, same goes for the amps.

    If you go with the Type-R, then ported would be the way to go, they just won't play all that deep or nearly as loud otherwise.

    The JL's could go either way just fine, sealed if space is a factor and ported if you want that extra oomph.

    Not sure why you'd want to run the amps you listed at 4 ohms, seems a waste IMO. I'd opt to run at 2 ohms final and set the gain accordingly. You can always limit the output, but if your are limited to 600-650RMS, then you're SOL if you want more output. Besides, I've come to find that some setups sound stressed if you're pushing the limits of your amplifiers.

    The current W3 can handle upwards of 500RMS and the Type-R is notorious for "taking more than rated power". Either setup would, (IMO) offer better performance with a solid 800RMS on tap. Like I said, you can always lower the sub output.

    Heck, I'm just running a power base ES 10D (400RMS 10") in a sealed enclosure off a JBL MS-A5001 at 2 ohms. Amplifier is capable of around 800RMS@2 ohms (gain was set for maximum clean output via the setup disc)  and I find the sub sounds great all the up to the point it's too loud for me, never sounds stressed from lack of power. Granted, "IF" I were a bit of a bass head and drove around really bumping the setup, I'd surely fry the coils in time.

  • Hey thanks again for the reply, heres now what im doing I got 2 8" type Rs Im going to run them with a 110 apline amp. going to wire it at 4 ohms (bought the 4 ohm subs) each sub will get 325 RMS at 4 ohms.

    The 8' Type R subs have a rating of 350 RMS max so this should be perfect.


  • Nothing wrong with that.

    You going to run them sealed or ported?

    They're some beastly little subs, so sealed may be enough for you, but they really come to life ported.

  • Hey So this set up  is for my ford f150 XLT, Ive got the door and a half truck. The backseat is really not very big at all. We are building our own box, doing it with my grandpa haha we are not pros.

    I seen the recomended specs for boxes on the alpine site and not sure whta exactly to do yet.

    sealed would prosb be closer to the specs, BUT

    what i want to do is 1 box all the way across my back seat, 1 sub on each side and the amp in the middle, liuke most trucks haha

    The issue is for a vented box they want 8.5 depth. our max depth is 6inch.

    so Im still debating on what to do.

    when you look online you see so many diff types boxes how close to the specs do i have to be?

    As much as i want it to sound amazing, It also just needs to work in the space i ahve kinda thing ya know?

  • An extended cab pickup, familiar with them, got a dual 12" down firing sealed enclosure for the early 2000's models sitting in my room. You're looking to do an enclosure under the seat, correct? My enclosure, IIRC, is .6cuft for each chamber. Accounting for space between the chambers for an amp and accounting for porting of each chamber, you're left with little space and it'd ultimately be tuned quite high. Be great if you want loud with virtually no depth, as output would drop off quick below the tuning frequency (using the SSF properly for protection).

    Building your own, sealed will be much easier to build and get something that performs fairly well than ported will be, as ported is NOT very forgiving of tolerance errors and design flaws.

    The "example" enclosure you list in the manual has an 8.5" depth, but it doesn't matter what your depth is, so long as you get the proper volume and tuning frequency you're aiming for. However, I'm telling you right now, going ported with two of them in separate chambers with an amp mounting between them is going to make their output quite peaky in the upper bass region and lacking severely from around 40Hz and down.

    Now that may or may not be an issue to you, as everyone has a different opinion and taste of bass is in music. "IF" it were me, given your situation, I'd go with the largest sealed you can, rather than a small ported tuned high. Still, it depends on your music tastes and what you are looking for in terms of output from the sub stage.

    And to answer your question more clearly, the specs for sealed range from .15-.5 with .30 being the "recommended"for the "best" balance of output.

    Ported enclosures can range from .25-.7cuft with a tuning of 36-40Hz (the larger the enclosure the lower you can effectively tune it).

    Dimensions can be pretty much whatever, so long as the internal volume comes out correct and in the case of ported, the target tuning frequency is achieved.

  • Am I missing something ? How are 2 - 4 ohms subs wired as a 4 ohm load ?

    GLH Geeked

  • not sure im the rookie here.

    the installer at the store im getting it done at said those were the subs to order for 4 ohms load.

    and in the alpine sub manual it shows a graph where it can be done (I think) I got the MRX M110

  • GLH, perhaps you don't recall that the Type-R is a DVC driver and in being so, him getting two DVC 4 ohm subs he can/will be wiring series parallel for a 4 ohm final.

  • Ok thanks again for the help i was totally freaking out there for a mintute!

    Can i have your opinion on the box im going to build

    sorry if that post was confusing

  • I'm not too sure what to say, I haven't seen any specs for the planned enclosure.

  • LOL ! Yea, it dawned on me we were talking about DVC 4 ohm-ers about the time I hit the button ...

    GLH Geeked

  • Not 100% but these are the specs we are thinking.

    12' wide 52' long and 5.25 depth

    I want a sub on each endish of the box and itll have a dip in the middle for the amp so its all level and flush.

    I know more depth would be a lot better but i really dont have the space for it so im doing what i can!