Odd Subwoofer issue....Inconsistent bass

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Odd Subwoofer issue....Inconsistent bass

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I have a Kenwood DNX891HD head unit, along with a Kicker Solo baric 12" L7. I have my old school Rockford Fosgate amp running the sub. (800.4)

I started my car a few days ago, and the sub was overpowering and distorted, like someone turned the bass to max on the head unit, and the gain on the amp up too max. I mean it was BAD. Weird, as I've been running the same setup for a couple years and never had an issue. I checked all the obvious stuff (gain settings, ground, etc) and kind find anything. 

I pulled the radio out of the dash, still wired up, and started experiencing some feedback noise through the sub. Something has a bad connection back there, but what could it be? The intrconnects are tight and not chaifed at all, and the 12v looks and feels tight also.

What gives? Any idea?

It seems to come and go.

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  • How's your ground? If the mounting location is not secure and the surface is not clean bare metal, that could create some issues.

    no idea what the ride is or how things were installed, but over time, the RCA/patch cables may have become damaged by rubbing on something.

    Got a 3.5mm to RCA adapter? If so, you can unplug the RCA's from the HU and plug a portable device into the amp for the source material, such as a smart phone or music player. If the issue disappears, then the issue is in fact in the HU and/or RCA's ran to the amp from the HU.

    If the issue remains, then we'll need to do some more research and explore other potential causes.