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I am running a pioneer GM-D8061 amplifier and for some reason it stopped putting out to my sub. I had my setup running great for about a month and then it took a crap on me. At first i thought it was the amp so i used my warranty and got a new one. After I got the new one I put it in and still nothing. I used an RCA to 3.5 mm cord to test it and still nothing. Also I met up with my friend who also has a sub set up and i tested my sub with his amp so i know my sub works. Now I think the issue is with the power supply. When my car is turned off and the amp is off the power cable reads 12v. But then when i turn on the amp it drops to around 8v. But even with this happening The blue light still comes on. So is the voltage drop causing my problem?? If that's not it what else could it possibly be???

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  • Yeah, the amplifier won't actually power up with less than 10V or so. The LED power light however doesn't require any real power, so it can illuminate when voltage in quite low and in fact, some amps only need a signal on the turn-on lead along with the amplifier being grounded in some way for the LED to power on, indicating the amp is on, when in fact it's not. It can even be as little as RCA cables and the remote lead being the only things wired to the amplifier for that light to power up.

    Anyways, now that I've gotten how useless power lights can be on amplifiers, lets see what we have here.

    You say the power wire at the amp drops from 12V to around 8V once you try to power on your system? Is this with the car running?

    What's the voltage at the battery when the car is running? How old is the battery? Any loose connections at the battery, fuse holder, or amp? Have you tried replacing the inline fuse?

    I would like to believe that if the voltage dropped to around 8V at the battery, the car's engine would die as well.

    What is the vehicle?

  • u didn't mention if you checked the primary fuse for the amplifier power cable, that would cause your issues if it blew.

  • Not that it helps, but not all vehicle engines will shutdown when battery voltage is low.

    GLH Geeked