2 Subs, 2 Mono Amps

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Is hooking up 2 subs in the same box to 2 separate amps taboo?  I've found amps that are powerful enough for 2 Earthquake Subzero 10" subs (750 watts RMS each) however; those amp do not come with output clip signals.  Rockford Fosgate amp are stocked with that option however; they have no amps powerful enough to match up to the 2 subs.  I was thinking buying 2 amps would be easier than buying an oscillator and/or other components just to detect whether the signal's clipping or not.  Thoughts?

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  • i would never make an amp purchase based on the availability of a blinky light that i'll probably not be able to see while actually listening to music anyway.  the world has got by without clipping indicators for a long time.  you don't need one.  they are really cool, but you can listen to test tones and find the clipping point.  a drawback to these is they only tell you if the amp itself is clipping, not if the signal the amp is getting is clipped.  it can give you a false sense of security as the amp will happily amplify a clipped signal and send it along to your speakers, without blinky ever making a wink. 

    a speaker that is outputting a clipped signal makes a distinct sound.  at the clipping point, you will hear an additional higher pitched tone in addition to the test tone.  i've heard some describe it as a steady hum that starts to buzz.  whatever the description, it's fairly easy to detect just by listening.  check out this BCAE1 page and try listening to the the test tones at the end of the article.  with subs, the exact point of clipping is not that important.  distortion of any type is difficult to pick out of a big boom, and a bit of clipping won't hurt your subs.