New Playlist Software For Kenwood Decks

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New Playlist Software For Kenwood Decks

  • Hello Guys,

    For all of you wanting to create custom playlists for you Kenwood Head Units and are frustrated by the limitations of their Kenwood Music Editor software, I have created an application that does just that and more, here's the list of features:

    - Reads ID3 Tags of all songs in the USB device and generates a list that can be sorted by song name, album, artist, or genre.

    - Allows you to create custom playlists by simply drag-and-drop'ing songs from the device view to the playlist view. Includes a Shuffle feature.

    - Creates proprietary Kenwood database (just like Kenwood Music Editor but the database created by this application includes all your custom playlists, Kenwood's KME doesn't allow you to create custom playlists, it simply creates a playlist for every folder in the device and names them after the folder).

    - Includes feature to install application directly to the USB device so that you can edit your playlists from any PC. After installing to the device the next time that you insert the device it will prompt you to open the device with the application (providing that you're using Windows XP or later with autorun enabled).

    - Future versions (expected by next weekend) will allow you to Add/Edit/Delete songs from the device. That will make it a complete solution for managing your device.

    It works with the following head units: KOS-A300, KOS-A210, KDC-X993, KDC-X693, KDC-MP642U, KDC-W7544U, KDC-W7044U, KDC-W7644UY, KDC-W7144UY, KDC-X7013U, KDC-X7013UL, I-K70V, I-K70, KDC-T8044U, KDC-BT8044UY, KDC-XBT8013U, KDC-XBT8013UL, KDC-HD942U, KMR-700U, KDC-X891, KDC-X991, KDC-X791, KDC-X591, KDC-MP735U, KDC-MP535U, KDC-X994, KDC-BT945U, KDC-X794, KDC-MP745U, plus any other kenwood head unit that support their Kenwood Music Editor Lite software.

     The current version has a dependency on Kenwoods Music Editor Lite Version 1.0 so you must install that first and then copy the kmelite.exe file to the application folder, if you don't do that it will prompt you to find the kmelite.exe file the first time you use it. If you don't have it installed it will give you the option to download it. Future versions will not have this dependency.


    If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please post them on the download page or on this thread.


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  • Thanks for the info!
  • Very nice, Fernan!  I down-loaded, installed, and did a dry run in about 15 minutes.  Doing it old school - clean, simple, and intuitive.  Works as advertised.  I just wish there was an easy way for guys like you to get a little compensation for the trouble.      

  • What a great little program! I just recently purchased the KDC-X794 and have been using a 4GB flash drive. I purchased a 32GB one last night, loaded up all (well most) of my music. I created a test playlist and generated the index file, I will test tonight and I'll be sure to update the post with my results later. 

    If this works, I will have to test it out without the index file, see how much faster it is.



  • Works great! My song list popped up instantly, with 3,200+ songs I'm sure it would have taken a while to index it manually.

    It is now sorted by Playlist, Artist, Album, Song it uses the id3 tags so make sure those are correct and you'll be gold.

    The playlist editor worked great, it's nice to have the ability back, shuffle is nice also.

    My process: iTunes (edit tags, organize music) > SyncBack (sync music to flash drive) > kpe (playlists and index db)

  • Thanks, Fernan.  It's really laughable how badly though-out the Kenwood software is.  Your software is a big help.   It works fine with my Kenwood KDC545U.  I have a 4gb mediacard on my Blackberry that I play music from.  At first the BB came up as "NA Device" but I discovered that as long as I keep the BB unlocked and out of it's case, it is recognized.  You also have to enable "mass storage mode" on the BB.  A handy add-on for this setup is a retractable USB cable for the BB:


  • Has anyone tested this software with Kenwood units that dont support Music Editor lite?  For example maybe a Kenwood KDC-MP438U?

    If not anyone have a good way to manage/export files from a computer in MP3 & WMA format?

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  • EndersShadow
    If not anyone have a good way to manage/export files from a computer in MP3 & WMA format?

    Drag&Drop works fine if you files are named logically and you don't need to browse by ID3 tag.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • I can verify that it works great with the KDC-BT645U

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  • Thanks Fernan!  I have a KDC MP345U with a 32GB USB stick (8000+ songs) and this worked GREAT!  You should post your PayPal account name so folks can compensate you!

  • Hello! first I would like to thank You for a great program! although I used it on My old computer I cant seem to redownload the exe file onto my new seems the version and or file name has changed? Im not very good with computers so I was wondering if You were aware of this?

    thanks !

  • Hi,

    I have try kpe with kmelignt_v1.1.0.  It does not work.  When I open the kpe, it asks for the kmelight. I point the program to the exe and click open, kpe keeps asking to open.  Is there an update available.

    Also, can kpe understand wav file?  Thank you.

  • Hey Fernan thank you for your program! It appears to be very functional and specific BUT the problem is that KENWOOD has changed the name of the Music Editor. It's no more called "KENWOOD Music Editor Lite" so the program will never find the "KMElite.exe" file. Now it's named "KENWOOD Music Editor Light" and the file's name is: "KMELight.exe" so your program doesn't run! Please I have the same issue with my KDC-X794 and I wonder if you could do that little modification to your program!


    Thank you very much and I hope you could help me!

  • @gonzaem10 - I haven't tried the program, but what happens if you rename KMElight.exe to KMElight.bak, make a copy of it, and re-name the copy to KMElite.exe and then run Fernan's program?

    Not sure it would work, but it's worth a shot.

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • it doesn't work.

    Do you have the Kenwood Music Editor "Lite"?