How Long Does a Typical CD Receiver Last?

  • I have a Kenwood KDC208 (I think that is the model number) that is over five years old.  As of late, it sometimes has trouble ejecting discs and has also started to skip more.  The shocks on the vehicle are newer so I don't think that is the problem.  The CDs are clean.  I was wondering what the "typical" life span is for one of these lower cost, made-in-China CD receivers.   Is it time for a new one?



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  • Probably. (???)

    There isn't really a time limit, but Kenwood had a big issue with the faceplates failing just after the warranty ended.

    You could try cleaning the laser lens with one of those CD's for that, but generally it's the buttons or the display that is more likely to fail than the transport.

    Then again - that deck supports USB and I rip all my CD's to MP3 - that should be an option for you.  I haven't used the CD player since I got this deck and really haven't missed it.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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  • How about those awesome Kenwoods ! ;)

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  • Not nice to bring a thread back from the dead just to point out Kenwood's questionable longevity. to be fair, my Alpine CDA-9833 began having issues ejecting discs towards the end of it's use after 6-7 years. Often had to help pull the partially ejected disc out. I blame all the dirt roads I drove on, but regardless, it developed issues too. All electronics are man/machine made and prone to wearing out over time.