2013 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew upgrades...

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2013 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew upgrades...

  • I recently purchased a 2013 F150 and want to upgrade the sound system. I'm looking for better speakers, amp, and a subwoofer. It's been easy in the past, but apparently the MS sync complicates things. Is it possible to add an amp and retain the HU and Sync capabilities?  Thank you in advance!

  • Sorry no one got to this sooner.

    Shouldn't be impossible to tap into the speaker leads for a signal to an external aftermarket amp. Sadly though, Crutchfield doesn't appear to have the wiring schematic on your truck.

    As for replacing the speakers, a guy would need to figure out what impedance the OEM ones are and likely power output of the OEM amp.

  • The newness of the truck is your holdback here.  There are essentially three ways to do it:

    • The simplest and effective way to do it is to just splice into the speaker wires.
    • A more advanced solution would be using something like the AudioControl LC6i to sum the factory outputs and feed them to new subwoofer amps.
    • It may be possible to replace the HU and retain SYNC - Metra had a kit that would do so, but it used the AUX inputs on the new aftermarket head unit and used an external LCD display, so it really looked a bit "tacked on" - Also, depending on trim level, Ford may be running HVAC or other functions to the radio which prevents this from being an option.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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