Enhancing bass from my 6x9's enclosure

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Enhancing bass from my 6x9's enclosure

  • hello guys
    just joined the forums

    My speakers are Sony Xplod XS-GTF6938 50Wrms/channel
    Frequency range 40Hz-22000Hz
    Sensitivity 92db+/-2db /W/m

    my enclosure dimensions (outer, wood width is about half inch or less) are attached as image

    Port was pre-cut in this enclosure
    I am using head unit to power them. bass is very low (as compared to when they were installed in my ex hatch over trunk (like infinity baffle).
    I now want to use it as home audio as I wont be buying a car for a while.

    How do I enhance bass from these
    Port Length Calculator (http://www.mobileinformationlabs.com/HowTo-1Woofer-Box-CAL%20Port%20lenth%201.htm) suggested 4.6inch port length to enhance bass to lower 40hz. I have installed 4.6inch pvc pipe of 1.25inch diameter in port. Still bass is not very good

    please suggestion proper place, size, and number of ports to get better bass response from this enclosure. I cannot change the enclosure.
    Speakers are being powered by car head unit.

    Thanks in advance

  • Give them their rated RMS wattage (power). Will probably get closer to it with home system than car headunit. They won't ever hit very low, no matter. They aren't meant to. 60-80 hz is likely as low as they will hit and might not do that well but should do 100 hz very well. Car headunit is giving them maybe 15 watts each, maybe as high as 20 watts each. Not enough. RMS. MAX or PEAK don't count in the real world. Gotta have power to make bass.

    GLH Geeked