Kenwood radio wiring

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Kenwood radio wiring

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i finally put in the Kenwood KDC-HD262U radio i got for Father's day.  it went into a 2005 Honda Accord LX SE, and i used the Metra #99-7862 install kit.  the lights and CD work fine; it sounds great.  but i have spotty FM reception and no AM reception.

i looked at some old post, and saw that someone in 2011 with a 2000 Nissan had the same problem, and they were told that the Blue wire for Power Antenna should have been connected.  i did not connect my blue wire, and was hoping that maybe this is a similar situation?

there is supposed to be a Blue/White wire coming from my radio.  should this be connected, and if so, to which wire?

if not this wire, is there another suggestion to improve reception?


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  • Does your Honda have a power antenna ? What does the Kenwood manual say about it ? Make sure the antenna cable is connected well.

    GLH Geeked