No blue wire on wiring harness for 2010 dodge charger

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I recently installed a aftermarket touchscreen stereo in my 2010 charger and everything thing works except my radio is not picking up any stations just static.  I have bought two or 3 antenna adapters and know change has occurred.  I recently noticed that my wiring harness does not contain a blue wire for the power antenna from my radio to connect to so I feel like this is the problem. Is there any solution to this problem that does not involve me paying 70 dollars for another harness. I have a cheap harness that came with the dash kit that has a blue wire is there a way that I can pin that into my current harness.  If anyone has any ideas or tips please let me know.

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  • Did the Charger come with power antenna ? If so, it does need to be powered.

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  • Not sure if it did not all that savvy when it comes to cars. There is only a little black box type thing on the roof of my car no antenna that goes up and down if that is what u mean

  • The black box thing is the satellite radio antenna, not for FM that I am aware of.

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  • That's the only type of thing that is on top of the car. Only thing that I could see being the antenna

  • No antenna in glass somewhere ?

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  • Not sure didn't not consider that it could be located there I will check

  • Just read in the manual that it is the back in the glass