Help with 3.5mm AV input scrambled image.

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I am trying to set up an Android TV box in my car by connecting it to my stereo. The problem is the Android TV uses this 3.5mm AV cable out and my stereo uses the 3.5mm av cable as input. So I'm trying to use the the cable posted below to connect the two.

I know most people use the 3.5mm AV to RCA but I don't have an RCA input. The problem is my screen is all scrambled through this cable that I got off of eBay for connecting dual car monitors. Is there a cable anyone knows of that would work for me? The only other thing I can think of to use would be using 2 different 3.5mm AV to RCA cables and connecting them together but it really seams one of these cables should work. Thx. Here some pics for illustration below.

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  • I should also add that I can only get that image by pulling the cable out partly on one of the sides with both sides all the way in I get scrambled black and white that you cant see anything and loud inaudible noise.