Mach 460 Help with aftermarket system

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I have a 2002 Mustang GT with the mach 460 system. I recently installed a new Kenwood head unit, and now the factory mids do not work. The tweeters do still work. I have gone over the wiring many times and can not find an issue. The two rear deck amps that power the four mids (one amp for front two one for the rears) do not display a light showing that they are on, but I have checked the leads going to them with a multi meter. I just ordered a new sub setup and four new Kenwood 6x8 three way speakers. Howe do I bypass all of this mach 460 ******** and wire them straight to the HU? How do I connect speaker wire to the head unit? Thank you

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  • If only powering the speakers with the headunit, just run a speaker wire from headunit to each speaker.

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