Chevy Suburban 2000 Tape to AUX

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My car has the original Delco stereo with CD and cassette deck below the A/C controls. I've had an aux jack with its leads jammed into the tape deck connector's left, right, and audio ground ports for a while now, but it's really flaky and I need to cut and solder the wires now. I simply put in a blank tape and the stereo thinks it's hearing the tape. However, I'm ready now to completely cut or put the tape audio wires on a switch, as the tape deck is beyond needing a simple clean and adds a ton of noise and odd whines.

I have one concern: The system supports Dolby NR (I don't know if it's B, C, or S) and has the icon lit up on the LCD. Does the Dolby processing occur in the tape unit or the main stereo? If it's in the main stereo, then my aux audio will be pumped through the NR, and I don't want that.

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  • Is there a good reason why you do not replace the old stock headunit with a good aftermarket ? Then you wouldn't worry about any of those issues and also have a clean USB input, and a lot of other nice features.

    GLH Geeked