4-channel LOC with Y-splitters vs. 6-channel LOC

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4-channel LOC with Y-splitters vs. 6-channel LOC

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So as title states, 4-channel with y-splitters vs. a 6-channel, and why?

I know that there is the loss of your crossfader, and possibly some power loss but would that even be noticeable? Wouldn't the amplifier take care of that issue anyways?

I'm looking to run 2 amps, a 4-channel and a monoblock, from the factory HU, which has 4 speaker outs.  I know something like the lc6i or lc7i would be ideal, but is it really necessary and that much better than running the 4-chan?

To be more specific, I have the Infinity 1262w amp powering a single Infinity 1300a sub and a Crunch PX-1000.4 (for now) powering up MB Quart speakers.  CC116 front and WC160 rears.  The CC116's are the 2-way speakers with the tweers "inside" of them for which I have the MB Quart crossover in line for each.  

So with that said, would I notice any quality or power loss by going the cheaper route?

Thanks in advance!

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  • You could use Y-adapters, the difference should be marginal, though I've no first hand to confirm. I'm usually replacing HUs for people, not trying to utilize them. Granted, I've really not messed with doing any installs for about a year and I've yet to mess with anything newer than (IIRC) 2010. Cars these days have the OEM HU so integrated into the operation of the vehicle and control of other features, such as climate control, that it's near impossible to swap them out.

    If it were me and trying to not spend any more than I must, then I'd go with the 4-channel LOC and use Y-adapters on the front channel outputs to feed a signal to the Crunch amp for your front and rear speakers. I'd then use the rear outputs for the sub amplifier (the 1300a, not the 1262W subwoofer, LOL). My reasoning for this, it'd allow me (you in this case) to have a makeshift sub volume control via the factory HU by adjusting the fade from center toward the front, thus lowering the sub's output.

  • Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. Alternatively I figured I could run one of the knobs between the loc and the sub amp just to make it a bit easier as well.

    Thanks for the info, much obliged.

  • Yep, universal gain knobs can be a godsend, but if one wanted to not spend the money I figured I'd explain my reasoning to how I'd go about it.

    Best of luck.

  • Only problem with a LOC, is adding distortion.

    GLH Geeked