2003 Tahoe NoN-Bose, no sound from front speakers.

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i have a 03 tahoe with no bose or onstar.  i replaced the HU and all 4 door speakers.  the front speakers do not work at all.  i removed the unit and front speakers and bench tested the unit which worked fine.  once i put it all back in the vehicle same issue no sound from front speakers.  i cannot locate the amp in this model, i have checked the glove box, the center console is a third seat with the fold down arm rest.  where else could this amp be?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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  • In a kickpanel or panel in the very back sidewall maybe.

    GLH Geeked

  • Only the Bose system equipped truck had an eternal OEM amplifier, which was located under the center console. If the front speakers aren't working, then there's a wiring issues somewhere.

    Perhaps easier than locating the issue would be to run new speaker wire from the HU to each front speaker.

    I know the front door woofers were wired in parallel with the tweeters, perhaps this is where the issue is occurring.

  • Should be an amp with a single 15 wire harness plug under the instrument panel. Access it by lying on your back and looking up under the dash.

    GLH Geeked