Weird audio problem with car stereos

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I have the JVC KD-R980BTS and it seems when my car is turned off for a while, after turning it on, the audio gets trebly or mid-levely, and sounds like more to the right side... I've verified this with some people, and had already swapped out two previous Kenwoods of the same model which seemed defective, and also had a high-pitched whine from Aux/BT/CD that sort of started happening with this JVC, but the problems go away with a factory reset every time, but the first problems seem to come back over car restarts.

I have a 2001 Civic, and I can't tell if the problems are the stereos or manufacturer or the car itself... I'm pretty sure swapping it out again will just have the same problems, so how do I diagnose what it is?

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  • Very odd indeed. I myself have not been a fan of either of those brands due to QC issues and unfriendly user interfaces (IMO).

    What is all the equipment in your setup?

    does the high pitched whine change with the RPMs of your engine?

  • Ask Weigle.