Odd receiver problem

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Odd receiver problem

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When my receiver reboots, it sends bass to the front speakers and treble to the back speakers.

A factory reset fixes it, but of course the next time I leave my car and come back, the problem comes back. 

I've found nothing in settings to fix this, and there aren't generic Bass or Treble settings, and I'm finding nothing that is correcting the problem.

I've been through the manual but I don't recognize all of the settings so I'm not sure I want to try as one section said not to change it unless you know what you're doing otherwise it could damage the speakers.

This is after updating to the latest firmware to fix a clock/date bug. I'd revert if I could.

I'm in a 2001 Honda Civic sedan with normal speakers and the receiver is a JVC KD-R980BT: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-1jxNXNytUC4/p_105KDR980B/JVC-KD-R980BTS.html

Any ideas?

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  • NOBODY???

  • So it worked before the firmware update? If so, I'd contact JVC/Kenwood directly and seek assistance from them. Perhaps this is an issue they are aware of, or if not, should be.

    I myself steer clear of JVC and Kenwood, nothing but poor experiences with most of their products I, and many I personally know, have used.

  • It seemed like it worked before the update, but I'm sure how to revert... The Geek squad tech is listening and the treble/bass switched while we were testing and he can't figure it out either...

    The front stock speakers were replaced at the time I bought the radio but not the back, so maybe I should replace the back too?

    Any way to test the power/resistance from the wires, or revert the firmware?

  • No, the rear speakers being stock shouldn't have any influence.

    Honestly, it "seems" like the "updated" firmware is the issue, sadly, I'm not sure if one can download a previous firmware version and install it as an update. Worth a shot, if you can find a previous firmware version.

    And what's this about testing wires for power/resistance? What wires are you looking to test? A DMM can easily be used to test for DC or AC voltage, depending on the wires you are testing, as well as resistance. They can be picked up for as little as $10 if you look around.

    Again, I'd be contacting JVC/Kenwood on the matter directly. Not sure who this "Geek squad tech" is affiliated with, if it's actually Geek Squad or actually someone from JVC/Kenwood, but I "suspect" the new firmware is buggy.

    Sadly, I can't think of anything I can do to be of much, if any, help. At least not when I myself am strongly suspecting the firmware as the culprit.