Why does my front speakers now make noise after installng a amp for them?

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Why does my front speakers now make noise after installng a amp for them?

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I already have an after market radio (BOSS BV9364B) and after market door speakers (Kicker 6X9 DS), and I wanted to get the full potential out of the kickers, so I bought an SSL EV200.2 amp and now after the install both speakers have bad noise and when I turn my truck on and off the speakers make a popping sound also. Any help or suggestions? Sounded awesome before the amp install  

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  • Often, this is a result of poor grounding for the amplifier.

    At the same time, it could be noise induced through the RCA cables, if they ran near any power wires, as far as the noise.

    The turn-on/off pop could be poor grounding as I stated, but it can also be a sign of defective internal components of the amplifier. Sadly, both your HU and amp are of lower quality.

    If you'd like to keep the amplifier and a better ground doesn't resolve the turn-on/off thump, then installing relays could be a solution, though .it'd cost as much as the amp to buy them, so a very poor option. If a better ground doesn't fix your issues, I'd return the amp and spend more on a better one. Or, just revert back to running the speakers off the HU.

    And not to be rude, but the Boss and SSL gear would be holding back the potential of those kickers. They are bottom of the barrel brands.

  • What would you suggest for a new HU, amp, and wiring for these kickers? This is the first time that ive had any problems after an install. They did sound great before the amp, I just don't want them to go to waste. I wanted more bass in my truck but nothing as far as a sub or anything. Or maybe like a single 10? I just want a little thump, but nothing that's crazy.

    Could be the amp, it was on sale on and the reviews were about 50/50 on good and bad.

    I tried cleaning my amp ground and it took the noise down just a smidgen, and also grounded my RCA cables to the HU and helped just a little, but still very noticeable on the noise and even now when I start my truck you can hear it through the speakers as the same when I rev the gas my kickers whine really bad.

  • Well, it's always subjective. However, it's not uncommon for those two brands to have high failure rates and poor performance.

    Your budget will be the main factor. Your vehicle is another factor (year/make/model/OEM stereo package).

    The ground for the amp needs to be securely attached to clean bare metal of the vehicle with a strong electrical connection back to the battery/chassis ground. I usually just pick a location on the floor of the vehicle, sand it down to bare metal, wipe it clean, then bolt the ground to the location. Ground also needs to be short as possible, under 18".

    The noise getting louder with engine RPM's indicates a poor ground and/or ground loop. Isolate the amp's chassis from any metal of the vehicle. I tend to mount amps to particle board so they don't make contact with any metal of the vehicle.

    At the same time, it could be the amp.

    Have you a 3.5mm to RCA adapter? If so, try an alternate audio source unit to the amplifier (MP3 player, portable CD player, smart phone, etc. etc.) and see if the issue remains.

  • 2010 Nissan Frontier King Cab, and just a standard stereo.

     I scraped the metal off a floor bolt and grounded it when I installed it. The amp in under my front passenger seat, could that be a problem there?

    And no I haven't tried the RCA adapter yet.

  • Scraped the "metal" off a floor bolt? You mean you removed paint from the bolt and then used the bolt to secure the ground?

    I ASSuMe you used a seat mounting bolt, which no offense, but the bolt won't provide a very strong electrical connection via the few threads making contact with the body of the truck, not to mention there may be rust or other residue in the threading.

    "IF" you wish to use a bolt that is securing a seat, seat belt, etc, you'll want to remove the seat, lift up the carpet, sand down the body of the truck around the bolt hole, place the ring terminal attached to the ground there, then replace the carpet and seat, making sue the bolt goes through the ring terminal for the ground wire and it becomes firmly secured against the sanded body of the truck.

    Can be a lot of work to get a proper ground using preexisting bolts such as those, but if one doesn't want to start drilling holes in their vehicle, those steps are often needed.

    Also, if the body of the amplifier is making contact with any metal surface (for instance the framework of the seat), it can create a ground loop and induce a lot of unwanted noise.

  • Yes, that is what I meant lol and no offense taking, can use all the help I can get.

     But, no it was a bolt that is used for a wiring harness that runs along the bottom of my door frame. What about upgrading my RCA cables as well? I bought a kicker wiring kit and one of the ends doesn't fit snug like the rest? Could that also be a problem?

    I am gonna move my amp, shorten the ground distance and use a better ground location and hopefully it'll work out.