USB random doesn't random

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USB random doesn't random

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I purchased a Kenwood KDC-BT765HD and installed with a Module.  Everything worked except a thumb drive in the front USB. I would select RANDOM ALL and the unit, every time I turned it on would play the EXACT SAME sequence of Random. I would hear the same songs as the day before and the day before and the day before. I talked to Kenwood, Yes! I have the latest firmware, Yes it the thumb drive is formatted in FAT 32, yes! the thumb drive works in other OLDER Kenwoods. yes! I tried a different Thumb drive all with the same results the same EXACT RANDOM SEQUENCE over and over. So I got a refund and purchased the NEW Kenwood KMM-BT518HD and guess what? The same thing, no matter what RANDOM I select I get the same exact sequence as before, the same songs play in the same sequence each time it is powered on.

I thought maybe the memory wire was wrong, but the date and time and all other settings are not lost.

Have I done something wrong as all my older Kenwoods work fine and it is a bummer when I have a 16gb thumb drive (999 songs to a folder) and I get to hear the same over and over.

Thanks for the help

Much appreciated.

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  • Good ol Kenwood again ...

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